Are you an exhausted parent struggling to support a kiddo who worries and melts down about everything?

Little Fish: Parenting Anxious Kids is the simple, practical parenting course you’ve been searching for


Anxiety in Childhood Doesn’t Always Look Like You Expect..

Does your child:

  • Complain of frequent headaches or tummy pain

  • Meltdown over small things like having the wrong colour socks or misplacing their library book

  • Get worse when you try to pep them up or reassure them that it’s going to be all right

  • Expect everything they do - to riding a bike - to be perfect

  • Have trouble sleeping

  • Refuse to try new things

  • Turn tiny things into major, overwhelming fits

  • Actively try to avoid things like bedtime, going to school, or social events

All of these are signs of anxiety in children.

Parenting An Anxious Child Can Leave You Feeling..


By the end of the day, you’re spent! You’ve used up all of your patience and mental energy trying to support your kiddo and keep yourself calm


You don’t want to be angry with your anxious kid, but sometimes it’s all just too much and you can’t help it. Then comes the mum guilt… 


You’ve tried it all and yet nothing works. It feels impossible to continue on like this… but you’re out of ideas of what to try next or where to turn next..

You're Not Alone


You’re a great parent – you want the best for your kiddo and you’re out here looking for ways to support them.


You’re just out of your league when it comes to helping your child manage their anxiety and staying calm in the process.

You’ve tried:

  • Positive reinforcement
  • Giving in
  • Putting your foot down
  • Begging, cajoling, and pleading
  • Crying (it happens!) 

But nothing has worked.

Parenting kids with anxiety is not an innate skill. But it is a learnable skill.

That’s why I created Little Fish: Parenting Anxious Kids.

It’s a hands-on course that gives you practical tips and strategies to give your kiddo the support and help they need without losing your cool.

Anxious Kids Become Anxious Adults 

If you realise your child struggles with worry, anxiety, and perfectionism now… you can help alleviate a life-long struggle. 

No, we can’t “cure” anxiety – but we can equip our kids with effective strategies, coping mechanisms, and a loving, supportive environment that sets them up for life-long success.

Imagine helping your child avoid the experience so many of us have had as adults with:

  • Imposter syndrome
  • Low self-esteem
  • People-pleasing 
  • Self-doubt and criticism

What a gift to give your child! 

Still not sure if your child has a problem with ANXIETY?

Fair enough! It can be hard to tell.. Do this 2 minute Anxious Kids Quiz to find out for sure! PS. Don’t worry, the quiz will open in a new page so you won’t lose this one 😊


Little Fish is the Course for You if You Want to..

Stay Calm

No matter what feelings your child struggles with, you want to stay calm

Respond Correctly

You don’t know how to reassure or de-escalate your anxious kid

Learn Quickly

You’ve got a lot on your plate – you need quick, effective solutions

Feel Confident

You need practical tips and tools that work and help you feel in control.

Meet Dr. Tanya


Hi! I’m Dr. Tanya – the mental health doctor, anxiety therapist, and parenting coach who created Little Fish to help overwhelmed, exhausted parents like you.


I’m a native Kiwi (a New Zealander), living in Australia, helping parents of anxious, worried kids all over the world! 


As a fellow parent of an anxious kid, I know the toll it can take on your confidence, energy, and joy. I also know that learning just a few key skills and strategies can turn things around for you and your kiddo.


I’ve combined my extensive medical knowledge (I’m a Circle of Security International – COSI – Certified Facilitator), mental health training, and personal parenting experience into one simple, practical course for parents. And I’ve made it as affordable as possible because goodness knows raising children is expensive enough already! 


What Will I Learn?

Little Fish teaches you:
  • The best thing you can do for your child’s anxiety
  • How to teach your child about their “worry brain”
  • Transition time techniques
  • Validation
  • Problem solving
  • Sensory tips
  • How to address specific worries and anxieties in real time

Everything you need to feel calm, cool, and collected while you support your child during and after a meltdown!

Get Little Fish Today!

You don’t want hours of parenting or mental health theory. You want proven, practical tips and tools you can use right now to help you and your anxious kiddo.

Little Fish includes:

  • One 35min Video Training so you can learn the strategies and see real life examples of how to apply and use the 4 techniques you learn 
  • One straightforward Implementation Worksheet so you can put what you learn into practice


Let's Get Started!

But Wait.. There's More!

You'll Also Get these Bonus Resources:

Sensory Tips Videos

Learn how to use your kid's senses to help them find their calm and peace

Mindful Breathing Video

For Parents! Use these exercises to stay calm no matter the meltdown 

Book Recommendations

Help kids aged 4-10 understand their feelings through fun, interactive reading time


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