🔥 Hot-Seat Parent Coaching with Dr Tanya (1 x 60min Zoom Call)

Do you have one or two Parenting Problems you want help with now?

Book 🔥 Hot-Seat Coaching with Dr Tanya and you get:

  • One 60 minute Zoom session to discuss whatever you're struggling with in parenting
  • No problem is too big or too small!
  • Sibling rivalry, fighting, refusing bedtimes, stubborn behaviour, anxious or defiant kids, picky eaters, toilet training, anything!
  • The session can be recorded for you to refer back to if you wish
  • I will email you after the session with your parenting plan of attack (recommendations we've discussed in bullet point form)

These sessions are for ONE parent or caregiver only please. The other parent is welcome to watch the recording at your consent.

This is NOT for you if:

  • You want long term follow up
  • You would like a diagnosis for yourself or your child
  • You want to solely discuss your own mental health (I still think this is really important, just not the best forum for it)
  • You have a child who is already seeing a psychologist or OT or a paediatrician for complex care. I don't want to confuse your plan or undermine the advice you've already been given.
  • You want your child to be in on the call. This video call is for one parent or caregiver only please.

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$222.00 AUD

Dr Tanya McGhee’s Service Agreement and Terms of Use:

Hot-Seat Parent Coaching with Dr Tanya

Please read the Terms of Use for this course. Henceforth, the "Provider" is referring to Dr Tanya McGhee. The "customer" is referring to the purchaser of the coaching offer. The "offer" refers to Hot-Seat Parent Coaching with Dr Tanya. "Service Agreement" is interchangeable with "Terms of Use" which are the conditions as listed below numbered 1 to 7.

1. Consent

Buy purchasing or enrolling in the offer Hot-Seat Parent Coaching with Dr Tanya the customer voluntary agrees to act in accordance with the following Terms of Use or Service Agreement.

2. Disclaimer

This offer is for PARENT coaching purposes only and for individuals aged 18 years and over. It is not designed to replace individual or group therapy or family therapy. The customer is highly encouraged to seek their own individual help with anxiety or depression or other mental health disorders from their family doctor, nurse practitioner, psychologist or counsellor. The course is not diagnostic and no assessment or questionnaire will be provided. It is assumed the customer has successfully identified wanting to make some parenting changes and considers the offer a worthwhile service to purchase for personal use.

While the advice is neurodiverse friendly, it is not neurodiverse specific. Parents wanting help with children with ASD or ADHD are encouraged to seek alternate specialist help. The offer is not mental health counselling. No prescriptions or emergency mental health care or referrals will be provided. The offer is not General Practitioner help and no referrals for blood tests, xrays or pathology or discussion of General Practice type problems will be discussed. The customer will be gently encouraged to seek their own medical and mental health help.

3. Liability and Assumption of the Risk

The provider takes no responsibility for the customer or their behaviour. The offer does not guarantee "curing" or "fixing" difficult child behaviours. The provider is not liable for any psychological or physical harm endured due to the information acquired from the course.

The Service Provider is not responsible for the client reaching or not reaching their own personal parenting goals. The Customer accepts the risk that after one session, parenting problems are rarely easily "fixed"

4. Intellectual Property Ownership

The offer and its contents is under the copyright and owner of the Provider. Any attempt to copy, duplicate or share parts of or entire lessons of the Provider's course, worksheet, dialogue or recommendations is in breach of contract and legal action will be pursued. The Customer will also be banned from the course and any future purchases from the Provider with no refund provided. The offer is for personal use only and the Customer has no authority to distribute or share any components of the offer including in personal meetings with their own counsellor, doctor or psychologist

4. Login details

The login details belong to the Customer alone. If the Customer shares their details with other non-paying Customer(s) this is in breach of the contract and the customer will be blocked from accessing the course or any future courses. This includes the Customer NOT sharing their login details with their partner, service providers such as occupational therapists or psychologists.

5. Refunds

The Customer may cancel and reschedule up to 48 hours before the meeting. Only one reschedule will be allowed. If the customer fails to attend the second appointment with no family or personal emergency then the Service Provider has the right to charge them the full fee of $222AUD. The Customer must contact the provider at [email protected] to discuss this matter first and foremost before making any complaints or initiating legal proceedings. There will be no refunds provided after the meeting.

6. Severable

The provisions of these Terms of Use shall be deemed severable. If there is a breech in contract, then the Provider reserves the right to delete the Customer's access to the course CALM and this offer and any future courses offered by the Provider. 

7. Arbitration Clause

If the Customer has any complaints or concerns they must make every effort to first contact the Provider's via email: [email protected]. The customer is not permitted to seek additional damages, including consequential or punitive damages.

If the Customer has any questions at all, please contact [email protected]. Thank you

Terms of Use updated 1st November 2023

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