Are you a Mum whose feeling kinda stuck in life?

Exhausted by the juggle, never ending to-do-lists and you're sooo over it?


Ooooh I get it. Things have gotten a bit blaah.

You're overwhelmed, cranky and maybe if you’re honest: you’re just not very happy.


You know things need a shake up but you don't know what or how to do that..


I'm here to help. I call it coaching but you can call it messy-emotional help, you just want to be happier and slow down and not feel so damn stressed all the time...!


Is that a heeelll yes? Then I'm your Woman!


Book your a Mini Coaching Call HERE. Vent away!

Maybe you don't even know what you want.. but you know you want to change things up.


You keep thinking, I can handle it. It's "fine". But deep down. You know. Things are not fine.


It's ok. It doesn't mean you're hopeless or struggling. You just need someone to support you + help you take action (psst, I’m the someone!)

You finally have time to focus on yourself, maybe you're thinking that you..


  • Have a brain that is constantly turned out. You get stressed about every little thing. You're constantly thinking about what just happened, what needs to be done next. You find it impossible to relax. And it is freakin' exhausting!


  • Are sick of feeling cranky and on edge. Where did happy carefree you go? You want her back!! 


  • Are feeling invisible at work or in your relationship. You feel responsible for everyone else's feelings. Gah!


  • Often feel like you're never satisfied or good enough. You never have enough time for anything. You'd love to get to pilates just once a week, but it just doesn't happen. And then you beat yourself up about it, arghh! 


But what does that look like at the end, you're wondering..


And how do you know this is for you?


Yeah, let’s be real. You don't!

But, I am deeply invested in helping you dig deep, find out what brings you joy (even if, right now you have no freakin' idea!) and getting you there.


Let’s work through the messy emotional stuff, the parenting stuff, the post-kid relationship slump, the mum guilt, the work bleugh. All of it!


Book a Mini Coaching Call with me and let's chat! (I promise you will feel better just by the end your 40min vent if that's all you do!)


You don't have to struggle through the highs and lows of motherhood alone. Because those lows can draaag and turn you into a cranky, no-fun Mum..


Stuff that! Let me help!



Okay but srsly Tanya…


What exactly is personalised coaching? 🤔

Figuring Things Out

We start by giving you a giant permission slip to dream as big as you want and share as honestly as you can about what you really want… even if it feels impossible or hard. I’ll ask you the right questions and listen well so I can help you figure it all out.

Action + Skills

Instead of just talking about your dreams, we work together to make an action plan to get you where you want to be. I’ll teach you important skills – like setting boundaries and having challenging conversations – along the way

Accountability + Support 

Making a change, big or small, isn’t easy. That’s why I create a safe space for you to voice your fears, dreams, frustrations, and desires – giving you advice when you need it and cheering you on as you follow through on the plans we create together.

Kind Words from Lovely Clients ♥️


You deserve a life that's fun and fulfilling

Eating a warm dinner.. sorry, that’s a sh*t goal


→ Maybe you're out of the nappy stage. And you've had a moment to breathe. And now, you've realised that you're not super happy


→ You might even feel a bit resentful of what you've lost becoming a Mum. And you want some flippin' joy back in your life! You’re thinking, oh hey. Me. What about me?


→ Maybe you’re feeling stuck at work. You've played it safe. You went to uni, got the degree. And now you're like, wait, do I even like this job?


→ Maybe you’re feeling in a funk with everything. Everyone is driving you insane! And now you're thinking... Hmm maybe it's not the dog or the kids or the husband or the job.. it's you. And you don't want to feel so cranky anymore


No matter where you are… if you're needing a bit of:

→ You-got-this! Energy 💪 +

→ Emotional support ♥️ +

→ Cheerleading 🥳 +

→ Practical help 🤗 +

→ Courage 🤘 

Then, The flippin’ GREAT News is… you’re in the right place!

Video Poster Image

You're a great fit for working with me if you...



✓ You're a woman who's like... Ummm, what about me? I want to talk about me and also, not just talk but take action! I don't really know what that action is... but I do want to be less worried, feel happier and more important in my own damn life!


✓ You're often overwhelmed, on edge, maybe angry, ragey and might even feel lost or smothered by motherhood. And you don’t want to feel like that anymore. You want a bit of the old carefree you back.


✓Are sooo over keeping everyone one happy all the time (stuff that people pleasing!) and you want to help you be happier!


✓ Have the space to focus on yourself, or are ready to make that space


✓ Could benefit from a clear action plan and a supportive coach to hold you accountable for taking the next steps and moving forward toward your goal. Whether that's being less snappy or enjoying parenting more or getting back to running. Whatever it is. (Remember - including even if you don't know!)


✓ You don’t want intensive mental health help, medication or referrals to specialists

✓ You might not even know anyone else who does coaching… and it might even seem like you should just get over yourself… But you’ve got a niggling feeling that you need to do something bigger for you. And you’re ready to take that step.



How Coaching is Different to Therapy →

As a Mental Health Doctor, I have previously offered Medicare-rebatable GP Counselling.

Now, it's 2024 and Coaching is The away to go!

Read why here! ⮕

Mum Coaching:


  • Focused on the present
  • Help for any Mum, anywhere in the world!
  • Support + accountability to get what you want
  • Short-term or long-term 
  • Guaranteed privacy (no chance of notes being subpoenaed by the courts or insurance companies)
  • Holistic and natural (talk-therapy only!)
  • More directive help from me
  • Centred around whatever you want! And that can change at every single session (parenting struggles, relationship problems, workplace dread, fitness goals, desire for more time, joy or fun. Everything and anything is up for discussion!)


Talk Therapy or Counselling:


  • Focused on the past
  • Australians only
  • Help diagnosing and managing psychological conditions (generalised anxiety, depression, PTSD etc)
  • Long-term
  • Often involves prescription medication, psychiatrist referrals
  • Potential for medicare audits
  • Potential for insurance companies to request a copy of ALL the notes (and this is seriously ick when it happens). Your privacy is not 100% guaranteed which is awful

And heads-up..


I no longer offer medicare-rebated GP counselling. So, coaching is the way to go if you want to work with me!


Meet Your Coach


Hi, I’m Dr Tanya!


For years (at least two) I told myself: things are fine. Just fine. I am coping. I am sleeping and eating and the kids are ok. 


But, I knew. Things were faaaaar from ok.


I secretly kinda hated work. Not the patients, they were lovely. But I didn't want to be a GP anymore and memorise 17 different diabetes medications and have to plead with the nurse to do the fancy pants silver dressing or whatever because I have noooo idea about dressings and always running at least 12 minutes late and endlessly apologising...


I needed out. But I couldn't admit it to myself.


So, I kept going to work. But I also kept yelling at the kids. And being unfairly cranky at my lovey husband and feeling a growing sense of ill ease and ickiness inside.


I knew things needed to change. But I didn't know how.



So, I moved to a different practice. And then another one. After three different practices, I finally admitted that I didn’t want to be a GP anymore! It took me forever to accept that I wanted something different and do something about it.


But flippin' heck, it would have been easier (and faster!) to get some cheerleady professional help when I needed it! 


Now, I genuinely get to do my dream job – helping women, showing up as my silly, authentic self on social media, and coaching beautiful wanna-be empowered women who believe they are worth investing in, it’s their time to shine! 🌟


And I’d love to help you step into your own dream version of yourself.


Or just feel a tad less cranky. That's a good start 😉


A woman who knows she wants things to change. Is brave enough to take action and talk about the messy emotional stuff of hiding crying in the wardrobe from the kids and get a plan of attack about how to handle her stupid inefficient boss or beautiful but tantrumming child or crushing imposter syndrome and still apply for that amazing job!


If you're ready to own your sh*t and get real and happy then let's do this thang! ✨


Two Coaching Packages: 


These are the two awesome ways I can help you. Not sure which is for you? No problem!


Book a MINI COACHING CALL and let's figure it out together!


Option 1: ME


Let’s talk about YOU!

ME includes:

  • 4 months of coaching support
  • 8 x 50-min private Zoom calls
  • Free access to my anxiety-busting course, CALM (click HERE for more info) 


  1. We’ll start our 4 months with a 1:1 call to dig deeper into who you are and want you want. Feeling less overwhelmed, stressed and on edge? Want more me-time? Patience? Less Crankiness? Happiness?! This is The Package for you!
  1. We’ll connect every 2 weeks to see how you're doing. What are you struggling with? Getting stuck in over-thinking? Need help to set boundaries with your MIL? Or how to be a Fun Mum again? Or some assertiveness at work? I'll get you there! Or I'll just listen if you want to vent about relationship stuff or parenting tricky kids or anything! 

ME is for you if you know you want to focus more on you. Be less stressed and get expert emotional and practical support to get you there. Remember, you don't have to know what those goals are yet, I’ll help you figure it out! (During our Intro Call if you want!)

Change doesn’t have to be long, drawn out, and painful. See what’s possible in your life with 4 months weeks of focused, effective empowering help!

Investment of ME: $1287AUD

CLICK HERE for a PAYMENT PLAN OF 4 x $357AUD, woop! 🙌

Sign me up to ME!
Not sure? No worries → Book your Mini Coaching Call HERE! 📞

Option 2: ME PLUS+


More day to day support to get you where and who you want to be! Even if you don't know..

ME+ includes:

  • 4 months of coaching support
  • 8 x 50-min private Zoom calls
  • Unlimited access (Mon-Thu 4 DAYS) to a voice messaging app for questions, support, and advice
  • Free access to my anxiety-busting course, CALM (click HERE for more info) 


  1. We’ll start our 4 months with a 1:1 call to dig deeper into what's happening for you in life. What do you want for you? Let's get specific. Job woes? Parenting dread? Crappy relationship? ME+ is The Package for you!
  1. We’ll connect as often as you like through a voice messaging app to see how you’re going. Drop off nighytmare? Work dread? Relationship bleughh? Share it and I'll help! No topic is out of bounds. Remember, I'm trained in mental health support too. I actually believe in hand-holding in coaching! 
  1. Toward the end of our 4 months, you have the option to extend your personalised help 🥳


ME+ is for you if you don’t want to just figure out your goals and kick off change… But you really want to follow through with it. Really back yourself. Start seeing the results of what happens with your new found confidence + my unwavering support, accountability and expert help. You got this! 💪

ME+ is a more supportive, in-depth plan where I am by your side to get you what you want in life. Yay for help!


Investment of ME PLUS+: $1987AUD

And you better believe your socks, there's a payment plan here too (4 monthly payments of $496.75AUD, yay!)

Sign me up for ME PLUS+ !
ME+ payment plan happiness here 🖤
Not sure? No worries → Book your Mini Coaching Call HERE! 📞

You don't have to live your life for anyone else!


Coaching is all about:

No Guilt

Embrace the life you want without feeling guilty for prioritising yourself. Want more self-care and time? I'll get you it!


Chasing what you want creates an unstoppable confidence you'll love! I'll help you get what you love, what brings you joy and passion. Don't errr, know what is your passion? No probs, I'll help you figure it out!


Sometimes feel like you're kinda pretending? Just going through the motions? Enough of that, let's figure out your values, what you stand for. What lights you up?! You'll be amazed what all falls into place when you show up the way you want to be.

Your Terms

I won't ever tell you what to do or who to be - you call the shots and I support you along the way. But, I am going to give you actionable steps. I won't tell you to do stuff. But you bet, I'll hold you accountable if you want to change (you tell me you wanna get to Pilates three times a week, then girl - I’ll get you there!)

You’re ready to make a change, but something is holding you back


I’m going to go ahead and guess you didn’t read this entire page just for fun. You want to do something different.


Your dreams aren’t silly.


Your goals aren’t embarrassing.


Your happiness isn’t optional.


I can help you take the first step (and the next and the next…) toward the life you really want! All you have to do is say yes.


→ YES ! I'M ALL IN! ←



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